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A less than positive Vinotemp experience

Lisa bought me a 28 bottle Vinotemp wine refrigerator for Christmas 2007.  We filled it with wine after letting it get down to temperature.  It was quiet, and seemed to hold the temperature correctly for the last 9 months.  Last week, it stopped cooling.  I noticed the display was reading 70 degrees.  I found the manual and tried to troubleshoot, and it wasn’t helpful.  I went to the website, and used the “service request” form to request service.  I never got a response.  Yesterday, I called the 800 number, and was told a technician would call me back.  They didn’t.  Lisa called them today, as she was home.  She actually got to speak to a technician.  She said the technician wasn’t pleasant, nor helpful.  He suggested that we were SOL because the unit only has a 90 day waranty.   The manual didn’t specify the length of the waranty, so we had no idea.   He suggested we contact “Mr Appliance”,  and subsequently ignored everything else Lisa wanted to ask him about.   Nice customer service, eh? 

The serial number for the unit also encodes the manufacturing date.  It says 20070929.  A hair over a year ago.   Nice product, eh?

I’m certainly going to think twice before I buy another Vinotemp.


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