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LaCrosse 2316 annoying behavior

I’ve noticed that the anemometer on the Lacrosse 2316 weather station has issues with the cold weather.  The direction vein stopped moving as soon as it got below freezing.  It indicates that the wind direction is always East.  You can see how it corresponds to the temperature here. Around 7:00 am, the temperature drops to 32, and it stops moving. 

This storm is really quite impressive from a personal history standpoint.  I can’t remember having an entire week of sub 32 degree temperatures, but that is what the forecasts are saying.  Maybe we will end up with a white Christmas after all.

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The Changing Of the Seasons…

Halloween trick-or-treating was a relatively warm and dry one this year (dry when we actually went out).   Yesterday was our first real rain storm in a while.  In fact, between yesterday and today, we got almost as much rain as the entire month of October.  Did I mention I’m enjoying the weather station?

Sometimes in movies and television, a rainstorm is used as a literary device to indicate a change, a cleansing.   Seems appropriate that the storm arrived last night considering today is Election Day in the United States.

It is an odd season all around.  Normally, the trees across the street lose their leaves first, followed by all the other ash trees in the neighborhood.  This year, the ash trees turned about the same time, and have been dropping leaves all over the place.  It seems unusually warm to me.

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Weather Station more stable…

The weather station software stopped working a couple of times in the past 24 hours, so I tried another Serial to USB converter I had available. I’m pretty sure the converter that shipped with the La Crosse WS-2316 was the culprit because I could get things working by stopping the software, removing the USB device, reinsert it, and reenabling the software. The symptoms seem likely to be a driver issue with the original adapter. I guess I’ll know if that is true after this new adapter runs for a while.

I wonder if the protocol for the WS-2316 is published anywhere… It would be interesting to see what it provides and perhaps create some different software to process the data. After a bit of searching, it appears there is a little information on the protocol here and here. Maybe if I can find some free time, I’ll try to put together an application to get the data from the unit. I’m using the WUHU software right now, and it works ok, but I’d like to optimize the data I collect for what I am interested in.


Weather Station activated…

Yesterday was another adventure with the aluminum extension ladder. Normally, it comes out when I need to clean the gutters, put up the Christmas lights, and remove the lights again. Occasionally, I use it to retrieve a stuck rocket, ball or airplane that somehow “accidentally” gets launched up on the roof. Yesterday was an all together different beast. This year, I got a weather station as a gift. Installing the rain gauge and sending unit was a piece of cake. The anemometer, and wind vane was a little more work. The manual suggested that it should be located three to four feet above the peak of the roof. It came with a 30 foot cord to connect to the sending unit, which made the whole configuration a little tricky. I decided the best thing to do was mount it on a mast on the chimney. This is where the adventure begins. I found the parts I needed on the Radio Shack website: the mast, and a mounting kit. The mounting kit comes with two stainless steel straps. Or should I say eighteen foot razor blades. Those things are sharp. I ended up working with gloves on to get them in place. The straps also have a lot of memory, which makes some things easier and some things more difficult. The difficult part is that our chimney is on one side of the house, so wrapping the straps around it involves spanning the area that you can’t stand next to. My wife is uncomfortable with heights, so I ended up having to do most of it by myself. The ratchets were not the best. The metal they are made of it quite soft, which makes them a little hard to get tight. Creative use of duct tape to hold the strapping in place temporarily, and a few choice swear words later, and the mast is mounted on our roof.

I’ve been having a problem with the USB->Serial adapter that came with the unit, as it seems stop responding occasionally, and I have to reboot the host computer. I’m guessing the Vista driver isn’t all that great. When it is working, you can see what the data looks like here. I added a Weather Underground widget on the right that displays information from it. If I can’t get the USB->Serial connection working consistently, I may have to make a host computer out of a machine with a dedicated serial port. It sounds like I could make the host machine Linux based too. That’s an adventure for another day.

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