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Break like the wind…

It was an exciting Memorial Day weekend. It started Friday night with a journey to Lisa’s parent’s house in Eugene. The drive wasn’t bad at all – traffic was light, and the weather was uneventful. We had a full car with Lisa, Morgan, Devon and myself. The car was packed with the clothes we would need, a cat carrier, some of my wiring paraphernalia. We arrived with little fanfare. Morgan had fallen asleep in the car. The only one that had a hard time containing himself was the dog. He was a bit hyper after being in the car for two hours.

We unloaded the car, and visited with Lisa’s father for a while. Her mother was off shopping up a storm for the BBQ they were having on Sunday.

On Saturday, Lisa and I went over to her friend Cris’ new house so I could help Ray wire in her new hot-tub she bought. The job went well, although her breaker box had obviously been abused by the previous owner. There was a braided ground wire that had been divided up and used to provide grounding wires in various places. The wire was completely underrated for the loads that are being applied. I hope they never have to use them! 🙂 In any result, we got the 220 lines installed, the subpanel wired, and the hottub hooked up. It wasn’t a big deal, and went fairly seamlessly.

On the return trip to Lisa’s parent’s house, we stopped at the Mini Pet Mart near their house. It is an odd place with both cigarettes and pet supplies. I would guess that both things are pretty high-margin items, so they can run a profitable business. Lisa’s father had recommended the place as a source of kittens as they sell animals that people bring in to the store. They had two kittens from the same litter. Lisa and I decided to take them home. They were covered in fleas, so the store put Advantage flea control stuff on them. We took them to Lisa’s parents house and used flea combs on them. Lisa and I got a lot of the fleas, but there were some stubborn ones that we just couldn’t deal with. The Advantage eventually took care of them (thank goodness).

We chose to name them after their cigarette related history. The male (light colored) we called Benson. The smaller female we named Virginia.

The kittens

In any result, you can see lots of pictures of the kitties in the gallery.

On the way back, we had a nice visit with my parents. They were nice enough to make us lunch and to provide Lisa with some tree parts to make cat furniture. Somehow we managed to get it all in the car. 🙂

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