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Someone who didn't vote for Obama today…

Good read.  I Didn’t Vote For Obama Today

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Some Truth on Obama's Tax Plan recently posted an article revealing untruths in a recent McCain web ad.

As we’ve said any number of times, what Obama proposes would not raise taxes on any “hard-working families” unless they make more than $250,000 a year, a very small fraction of families. Independent analysis has shown than 95 percent of families with children would see federal income taxes go down.


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The Irony Grows More Ironic…

More news on the previous post from today.  It appears that McCain was complaining about robocalls against him only nine months ago.  If the calls were making factual statements, it would be one thing, but the claims made aren’t.

… the calls exaggerate Mr. Obama’s ties to Bill Ayers, the former member of the Weather Underground, question the candidate’s patriotism by accusing him of “putting Hollywood above America,’’ and say that he opposed a bill “requiring doctors to care for babies born alive after surviving attempted abortions.’’


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Irony of the day…

John McCain was outraged in the 2000 campaign about the robocalls that were made against him, and he is using the same sleazy tactic in this election.


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Flag Pins?

I find it ironic that Barack Obama was criticized for not wearing a flag pin, about a year ago, and McCain chose not to wear a flag pin in the debate last night.  His lack of flag pin went by without comment.

I don’t think it is a particularly important point — patriotism isn’t determined completely by apparel, but it does point out some of the innanity that occurred in the campaign just a year ago.


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Judge orders MSNBC to include Kucinich in upcoming debate

From the Los Angeles Times:

A Nevada judge said Monday that Democratic presidential candidate Dennis J. Kucinich must be included in today’s candidate debate in Nevada.

Senior Clark County District Judge Charles Thompson said if Kucinich was excluded, he would issue an injunction stopping the televised debate. …

This is great news for a man that has been unfairly treated by the mainstream press.

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Who is your ideal presidential candidate?

Take this quiz at and find out who your ideal candidate is. It might surprise you. An ad appears when you first visit the site. Just skip past it…

My top three were:

1. Dennis Kucinich
2. Joseph Biden
3. John Edwards

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Kucinich's claim of "rigging" isn't completely honest…

I recently read the Kucinich press release claiming that the Democrats were “rigging” things against him in a couple of forums in Iowa.

I thought this was unfair, and shot off an email to both Iowa Public Broadcasting and the AARP expressing my dismay that he was excluded. I got this response from the AARP, which indicates that Kucinich was invited.

Dear Jonathan,

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the participation of Dennis Kucinich in the AARP/IPTV Forum that will be held on September 20 at the Adler Theater in Davenport, Iowa.

On July 2, 2007, Rep. Kucinich’s campaign was sent a registered letter inviting him to participate in the event. The letter was accompanied by criteria that were set by AARP for participation in the forum. Criteria include:

• Have filed an FEC Form F-2, “Statement of Candidacy,” with the Federal Election Commission;

• Have publicly announced an intention to run for the nomination of the Republican or the Democratic Party for President of the United States;

• Have a Campaign Office inside the State of Iowa; and,

• Have employed at least one paid campaign staff representative to perform

full-time campaign duties in the State of Iowa on behalf of the candidate since at least August 1, 2007.

During the weeks following his campaign’s receipt of the letter of invitation, Rep. Kucinich’s office had no communication with AARP or IPTV. The campaign did not acknowledge receipt of our invitation, nor did he or any of his campaign staff indicate any interest in participating in this forum. We did not hear from anyone about the forum until a story appeared in the Quad-City Times stating incorrectly, that Rep. Kucinich had not been invited to participate.

Rep. Kucinich did not meet all four of the stated criteria that would enable him participate in the upcoming forum by the designated date.

Ann Black

AARP Iowa Communications

It seems Representative Kucinich isn’t quite being honest in his press release!


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