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Kucinich and the Nevada debate

Dennis Kucinich wasn’t allowed to debate in the Nevada primary debate after all. Democracy Now! did provide him the opportunity to speak on the same topics that the other candidates were asked about. Follow this link for listening options.

The election process needs to be reformed. If the Democratic Party wants to become the party of the future, they should abandon the current nomination process and adopt a uniform process for the whole country. It should be a popular vote, conducted across the country at the same time. No state should have an undo influence on the results, and all the candidates have to make their case to everyone.


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Judge orders MSNBC to include Kucinich in upcoming debate

From the Los Angeles Times:

A Nevada judge said Monday that Democratic presidential candidate Dennis J. Kucinich must be included in today’s candidate debate in Nevada.

Senior Clark County District Judge Charles Thompson said if Kucinich was excluded, he would issue an injunction stopping the televised debate. …

This is great news for a man that has been unfairly treated by the mainstream press.

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Blumenauer lost my vote…

Earl Blumenauer chose to ignore the desires of his constituents and voted to table the discussion of the impeachment of Dick Cheney. He was the only Congressman from Oregon that did. I certainly won’t vote for him again. You can read Blumenauer’s contradictory opinion of impeachment here. He says he would do it in “a heartbeat, even if it is a longshot”, and won’t even vote to discuss it. That makes no sense.

In the video below, you can see Congressman Kucinich reading his resolution.

The Democrats missed a huge opportunity to begin the important discussion this nation must have regarding the conduct of this administration. The resolution was referred to committee, and I’m sure that’s the last we will see of it. At least Congressman Kucinich is willing to be a leader.

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Ethanol doesn't make a lot of sense…

At least after reading this article it doesn’t seem to. For example:

Corn requires large doses of herbicide and nitrogen fertilizer and can cause more soil erosion than any other crop. And producing corn ethanol consumes just about as much fossil fuel as the ethanol itself replaces. Biodiesel from soybeans fares only slightly better.

Much of what happens in its tanks and pipes is typical of any large distillery–after all, people have been turning grain into alcohol for eons. The corn is ground, mixed with water, and heated; added enzymes convert the starch into sugars. In a fermentation tank, yeast gradually turns the sugars into alcohol, which is sepa- rated from the water by distillation. The leftover, known as distillers’ grains, is fed to the cows, and some of the wastewater, high in nitrogen, is applied to fields as a fertilizer.

The process also gives off large amounts of carbon dioxide, and that’s where ethanol’s green label starts to brown. Most ethanol plants burn natural gas or, increasingly, coal to create the steam that drives the distillation, adding fossil- fuel emissions to the carbon dioxide emitted by the yeast. Growing the corn also requires nitrogen fertilizer, made with natural gas, and heavy use of diesel farm machinery. Some studies of the energy balance of corn ethanol–the amount of fossil energy needed to make ethanol versus the energy it produces–suggest that ethanol is a loser’s game, requiring more carbon-emitting fossil fuel than it displaces. Others give it a slight advantage. But however the accounting is done, corn ethanol is no greenhouse panacea.

I recently finished watching NOVA’s “Saved By the Sun”, and it described a more optimistic means of powering the planet. While solar may not be an ideal solution for several reasons, it certainly has a lot lower impact than ethanol. Did you know that Germany is investing a lot of money and resources in solar energy? Or that Las Vegas is moving toward solar energy? You can watch the program on the PBS website.

Anyway you look at it, this country has to come up with some solution to our energy dependance, and global warming too. My personal favorite candidate has a lot of good things to day on the topic, if anyone would just bother to listen.

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