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State of the Whirled…

I haven’t been updating this much.  There are several reasons for that.  First and foremost, the stuff that is going on in my life revolves around my current employment.  That stuff is “confidential” and “sensitive”, which makes it difficult to talk about and remain employed. 

Baseball has been eating up a bunch of my time.  We have been going through registrations, try-outs, and late registrations for the last couple of months.  Being the “Information Officer/Secretary” takes up my spare time.

I’ve also been ill.  A multi-stage cold/flu thing has been making its way through our friends and family made its way to me as well.  That took me out for the better part of a week.

The h44 construction is ongoing and just plain obnoxious, which makes me grumpy.  The contractors park everywhere, the street is blocked most of the day, they use lots of noisy equipment, and the relatively unsecured port-a-potties attract a lot of weak bladdered individuals at all hours. 

On the interesting front, and to my wife’s dismay, someone added a new gnome to our yard.  I’m guessing it was a birthday present, and I have theories about where it came from.  When I can find one of our digital cameras, I’ll take a picture of it and post it.  Lisa isn’t terribly fond of yard art to begin with, and the notion that it is spontaneously appearing in our yard is less than appealing to her.  I find it funny.

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