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Threat Of Snow and A Small TV

It seems the weather men are at it again. The threat of “snow” is in the air. There is a small chance that it might actually be below freezing somewhere near the ground in the next 24 hours. I’m certain “Stormwatch 2005” will be in full swing on the evening news, although I never watch it.

I remember the last “big” storm we encountered, the newscasters were reporting that there was snow falling in Salem. That made the news. Almost as exciting as this entry.

Next week is a big one for our household. Lisa and I are going in for the next ultrasound, and we should find out the gender of the baby! Once we know the gender, name selection should be a little bit easier. It will at least cut down on the potential search parameters.

Work has been time consuming, and we had a slight reprieve with the Thanskgiving break. It would have been nice to have a few more days off before the chaos of the end of year holidays begin, but such is life.

Our television stopped working a few weeks ago, and we have been forced to use Lisa’s 13″ television. The color reproduction on her 13″ is a lot better than the 27″ we had before. I’d like to replace the 13″ with a 32″ LCD HD television, but I have run into complications. First is the expense. I can’t justify spending that much money for a new TV right now. The second is the cabinet. The TV must be 32″ wide to fit into the cabinet that Lisa bought a while back. The interior of the cabinet is actually 38″, but the doors on the cabinet push in when they are open, to be out of the way. Unfortunately this leaves us with 32″ of space. It has been a bit difficult to find a 32″ LCD that doesn’t have speakers on the side.

On that note, shopping for a TV is at best frustrating. I’ve read reviews online. I’ve been to Best Buy, and Costco to compare. The problem with Best Buy is that they don’t seem to care what the TVs look like. Half of them are out of adjustment, one of them even had the cables swapped, so all the colors were inverted. Its nearly impossible to make a sane decision about what is good and bad in those environments. The sales people could seem to care less.

I’ll just keep saving my pennies, and perhaps someday soon I can replace the 13″ with something more, well, visible.

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Tolerance of Deceit and Lies – Survivor?

As I was working on the gate this weekend, I wondered why a large percentage of Americans would choose to embrace the deceptive and deceitful administration we have in the White House. I then reflected on the current state of television today. I don’t find much of interest to watch, so I don’t. There are plenty of people, however, that choose to watch shows so called “reality tv” and shows like “Survivor”. Of the little “Survivor” I have watched, the overwhelming theme that I observed was deceit. In order to win, you must betray and lie to the other participants. This is essentially encouraged on the show. In an nutshell, if you are a better liar and actor than everyone else, you are very likely to win. This is a similar attitude of the current administration. Perhaps that is why so many Americans are duped by it enamored with it.

I wish everyone would seek truth instead.


Skateboarding Bulldogs

From the department of entertaining but relatively unimportant links: Tyson, the Skateboarding Bulldog

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Bob Barker at 80

Here is an interesting interview with Bob Barker of The Price Is Right Fame. I can remember watching that show years ago.

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