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New Mars Rover in planning

This story on Yahoo, from is pretty exciting to me. I find the Mars Rovers’ adventures quite exciting and love to look at the pictures the jpl team are getting back from them. 2009 is a long time to wait for the next big mission, though. I guess I need to remember what I tell Morgan: have patience.

I don’t think the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is going to have as much eye-candy appeal to the general public.

From a programming standpoint, the automation discussed in the article is interesting. Sounds like some AI techniques will have to be applied. From what I have read of the auto-navigation capabilities of Spirit and Opportunity, they have made some good first steps.

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Food preferences

This article proposes an interesting notion. It would certainly help explain some of the odd food behaviors I have witnessed… 🙂
Science Blog First flavors form a lasting impression

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Is broadband set to make power lines sing?

The following article “Is broadband set to make power lines sing? | CNET” provides and interesting glimpse into a possible access method for the internet…

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science blog

This is a very cool website. I am going to add it to my links section.

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