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Georgia's 8 Week Doctor Visit…

We took Georgia in on Wednesday for her 8 week doctor visit. As I expected, she is exceeding her peers in every measurement. She is 14 lbs 2 oz, 24 inches long, and has a 16 inch head. According to the nurse, this is all off the chart for her age. The doctor doesn’t have a cuteness scale, but I think she is off the chart there too (of course I am biased).
Georgia Smile

She wasn’t too happy about the four injections, although the nurse was super speedy. Yesterday, she seemed a bit under the weather, but that is to be expected. Amazing how quickly she grows and changes.

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Georgia Arrives!

I know I’m lame.  On May 10th, Georgia entered this world:  9 lbs, and 20 inches long and a full head of black hair.  Needless to say Georgia is the most important person in our lives right now and I have found little time to sit in front of a keyboard.  Lisa is doing well, and Georgia is growing like a weed.  She had her two week baby doctor visit, and she was up to 10 lbs 2 oz, and 22 inches long (Lisa thinks they didn’t measure correctly at the hospital).  This puts her in > 95 percentile for weight and height — this is good.  She is very healthy, and Lisa is having a great time putting on all her cute outfits while she still fits into them.  More later…

Georgia in the car seat

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The Wait…

Saturday night and Sunday night were painful for both Lisa and I.  For Lisa, they were painful in the physical sense — Saturday she had contractions every five minutes or so all night long.  Unfortunately they weren’t “true labor” contractions.  Also unfortunate was that they kept her awake until they stopped at 5 AM.  She slept until 7 AM.  Sunday night was a similar story. The contractions were more intense, but not as frequent, she managed to get a little more sleep.  It appears we are heading in the right direction.  The nights were painful for me as well.  I feel pretty useless, watching Lisa have to endure the contractions, and the best I can manage is to rub her back occasionally and watch the clock for her. 

Lisa was due on May 5th, if you ask her, and May 1st if you go by the first ultrasound.  In either event, she is past due, and ready to be done with being pregnant.  I can’t say I blame her.  She stopped work a week ago Friday.  Lisa isn’t a patient person, and the notion that waiting for the baby might take a few more days is not something she wants to wait for.  She is trying everything she can to make it happen now. 🙂  She has been hard pressed to find things that she can do — she did yard work one day, and sewing another, but it is difficult for her to sit for long periods of time.  She even mowed the lawn on Saturday, against my objections.  I tried to reason with her.  “I don’t think pushing the heavy lawn mower around is a great idea.  Second”, I said in a kidding tone, ” what kind of husband are the neighbors going to think I am with my ‘past-due’ wife mowing the lawn?”  I don’t really care too much about what the neighbors think, but I am concerned that she pushes herself to hard.  I guess all we can do at this point is wait.

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New reel for fly rod

While I was in Eugene last weekend, I took my fly rod to The Caddis Fly in Eugene. The rod was a gift from my father several years back. It doesn’t have markings for line weight, so I wasn’t sure what line to purchase. The line on the reel he had given to me with it had started to separate. I’ve been trying to find things to do that aren’t computer related, and fly fishing seems like a good possibility.

At The Caddis Fly, the guys there put a reel on it with 6 weight line. It worked well, so that’s what I bought, along with an Orvis Clearwater III reel and a new leader. My thinking was that the Clearwater isnt’ terribly expensive as well as being easy to find. I plan on getting a spare spool and a sinking tip line in the future.
I was digging through my fly tying supplies and noticed that the Hare’s mask I had was mostly dust, along with the calf tail and squirrel tail. Bugs had gotten to them at some point. I’ll have to purchase more. I haven’t yet found a good fly fishing shop in Portland, but I haven’t looked too hard either.

Lisa, Morgan and our yet-to-be-born-much-less-named baby have been occupying most of my free time. 🙂

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Fly Fishing someday…

Lisa purchased new waders, boots and a float tube for me for Christmas. I’ve been wanting to go fly fishing for a while now, but haven’t been motivated. I’m lacking a bunch of gear. I have a rod and reel, but the line is at least 10 years old, nor do I know what weight it is. The reel is a pfluger knock off my dad purchased when he had the rod made back in Albuquerque. I can’t find my fly vest anywhere, and only have one small fly box. I do have all the fly tying materials in the attic, so I’ll have to bring those down. I’m going to have to go shopping to get all the gear I’m going to need: a vest, new line, leader and tippet, fly boxes… I’m sure once I’m in the store there will be a bunch of other stuff I’ll find I need. I also need to get a new Oregon fishing license.

I found a couple of good websites related to Oregon fishing. has a good discussion board, and has a searchable database of lakes and rivers. Besides the “what” question in “what to buy”, I have to figure out the “when” I’m going to go fishing, and the “where”.

In the past, I have primarily done trout fishing, but reading all the steelhead reports on the website, it sounds like that might be a good target for the end of 2006, beginning of 2007. The rod I have is too light for steelhead, but Lisa’s father gave me a 6 weight rod that might just work, from what I have read.

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2006 The Year of Baby Stuff

It seems 2006 is upon us already. It should be an interesting one for our family considering the new baby coming in May (according to the doctor at least). Lisa and I have been reading various books about what to buy for the baby. One book is a stand out: Baby Bargains: Secrets to Saving 20% to 50% on Baby Furniture, Equipment, Clothes, Toys, Maternity Wear, and Much, Much More! It has been very informative, and given us a lot of good hints. Lisa had been enamored with a crib in the JC Penny catalog. I was concerned about spending $400 based on a description and a couple of pictures in a catalog. I convinced her that we should look around town again. I’m happy to report that we found a very nice crib in town. We chose not to purchase it right away — we are trying to pace our spending for the baby.

Aside from the crib, we still need to get a car seat, stroller, bedding for the crib, and a bazillion other things. Who knew that someone so small could need so much stuff?

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Threat Of Snow and A Small TV

It seems the weather men are at it again. The threat of “snow” is in the air. There is a small chance that it might actually be below freezing somewhere near the ground in the next 24 hours. I’m certain “Stormwatch 2005” will be in full swing on the evening news, although I never watch it.

I remember the last “big” storm we encountered, the newscasters were reporting that there was snow falling in Salem. That made the news. Almost as exciting as this entry.

Next week is a big one for our household. Lisa and I are going in for the next ultrasound, and we should find out the gender of the baby! Once we know the gender, name selection should be a little bit easier. It will at least cut down on the potential search parameters.

Work has been time consuming, and we had a slight reprieve with the Thanskgiving break. It would have been nice to have a few more days off before the chaos of the end of year holidays begin, but such is life.

Our television stopped working a few weeks ago, and we have been forced to use Lisa’s 13″ television. The color reproduction on her 13″ is a lot better than the 27″ we had before. I’d like to replace the 13″ with a 32″ LCD HD television, but I have run into complications. First is the expense. I can’t justify spending that much money for a new TV right now. The second is the cabinet. The TV must be 32″ wide to fit into the cabinet that Lisa bought a while back. The interior of the cabinet is actually 38″, but the doors on the cabinet push in when they are open, to be out of the way. Unfortunately this leaves us with 32″ of space. It has been a bit difficult to find a 32″ LCD that doesn’t have speakers on the side.

On that note, shopping for a TV is at best frustrating. I’ve read reviews online. I’ve been to Best Buy, and Costco to compare. The problem with Best Buy is that they don’t seem to care what the TVs look like. Half of them are out of adjustment, one of them even had the cables swapped, so all the colors were inverted. Its nearly impossible to make a sane decision about what is good and bad in those environments. The sales people could seem to care less.

I’ll just keep saving my pennies, and perhaps someday soon I can replace the 13″ with something more, well, visible.

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Back From Florence…

We went to Florence this last weekend. I don’t like posting about our trips before we leave… too much information on a public forum. We went to do some fishing for Chinook, and spend some time decompressing. We did a bit of both. Lisa’s father and I went salmon fishing on the Siuslaw river on Thursday and Friday afternoon. It is a tidal river (at least in the sections we were fishing). Here is a picture I took from the boat before the battery on the camera went dead:

Siuslaw River in October

We were fishing with sand shrimp and salmon roe on a bobber, with weights below. The river was full of fish, and plenty of them were eating the bait. Unfortunately those that we landed were not quite the size we expected:

Dan lands a lunker

The whole group of us also went crabbing off of a dock, and brought in a couple of nice crab for dinner. Chicken seemed to be the preferred bait. The local sea lion population left it alone.

A guy salmon fishing off the dock also had the misfortune of hooking a seagull while casting his bait out. The seagull took a dive for it, and hooked itself in the mouth. It took two guys and a pair of pliers to free it.

It finally started raining on Saturday while we were on the dock, which made it an opportune time to leave the dock.

All in all, it was a nice to get away from town for a few days.

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Creeps Everywhere

I had to remove some of the pictures from the gallery because some mal-adjusted asshole posted links to a few of Morgan’s pictures on a little-boy fetish website. This is quite disturbing to both myself and Lisa. If this continues, I’ll be forced to password protect all of our images.

I’m not a violent person by nature, but the notion of someone using Morgan’s pictures that way makes me want to be.

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We have a bean!

Ok, now I can spill the beans. I’ve been chomping at the bit for a while now, and can finally announce that Lisa and I are going to have a baby! Yipee! We went in for the first ultrasound yesterday. The baby is 8 weeks 4 days according to the ultrasound measurements of 19 mm. The ultrasound showed the heartrate about 183 bpm. Here is a picture from the ultrasound.

8 Weeks 4 days!

At 19 mm, the description of bean isn’t that far off. A lima bean for certain. 🙂 Needless to say, I’m really excited and terrified all at the same time!!