Upgrading the Gallery with Gentoo

I recently upgraded the gallery installation we have on our server using the gentoo webapp-config package. All in all, it was relatively painless. There were a couple of pain points, which I would have been easier if I had understood them better. First, upgrading from gallery 1.5X to 2.X involved importing the entire set of images in the gallery. All 7000+ of them. This meant that the drive that houses the images had two copies of them. Unfortunately, the images occupy about 49% of the drive. By the time I was done with the import, the drive was at near capacity.

The second issue was the thumbnails and alternative sized images. The importing process has the option of creating them at import time. I opted not to do that. Instead, I had to do it through the administrator page, through one of the maintenance tools. It took over 18 hours for it to complete.

Lisa uses Gallery Remote to upload images to the server. I have noticed that it doesn’t cause the gallery to generate the thumbnails or middle sized images either.

It seems there isn’t feature parity between Gallery 1.5x and Gallery 2.x, either. For example, in the old gallery, we had a link at the top of the main page that showed the most recent additions to the gallery. I haven’t found a way to do that with the new installation. The new installation is so much faster than the previous installation that it is worth the loss of the features in my mind.

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