Fly Fishing someday…

Lisa purchased new waders, boots and a float tube for me for Christmas. I’ve been wanting to go fly fishing for a while now, but haven’t been motivated. I’m lacking a bunch of gear. I have a rod and reel, but the line is at least 10 years old, nor do I know what weight it is. The reel is a pfluger knock off my dad purchased when he had the rod made back in Albuquerque. I can’t find my fly vest anywhere, and only have one small fly box. I do have all the fly tying materials in the attic, so I’ll have to bring those down. I’m going to have to go shopping to get all the gear I’m going to need: a vest, new line, leader and tippet, fly boxes… I’m sure once I’m in the store there will be a bunch of other stuff I’ll find I need. I also need to get a new Oregon fishing license.

I found a couple of good websites related to Oregon fishing. has a good discussion board, and has a searchable database of lakes and rivers. Besides the “what” question in “what to buy”, I have to figure out the “when” I’m going to go fishing, and the “where”.

In the past, I have primarily done trout fishing, but reading all the steelhead reports on the website, it sounds like that might be a good target for the end of 2006, beginning of 2007. The rod I have is too light for steelhead, but Lisa’s father gave me a 6 weight rod that might just work, from what I have read.

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