Two more months with Yourself Fitness

As I said before, I have been using Yourself!Fitness on my Xbox. I finished my 63rd workout this morning. I am still at it. I have been losing weight slowly, a pound a week. I guess the scale was broken the day it said I weighed 147 (it seems to be sensitive to some relatively invisible irregularity in the floor). I weighed in this morning at 151. The workouts seem to get easier and easier over time, and although the difficulty increases each time, I find I have to say “No Sweat!” as a response to the question of difficult I found the workout — at least for the aerobic part of the workout. I only have 30 minutes 5 days a week to commit to the program, and 30 minutes seems a little rushed to try to get a reasonable aerobic workout in, with a focused workout as well.

My knees have been a little off lately — occasional swelling and stiffness, so I have been finding the lower body part of the workouts a little more difficult. This morning was no exception. I had to do “lunges with a pulse” on the step bench, reverse lunges, and directional lunges. That was the sum total of my “lower body” focused workout. I was certainly tired by the end of it, but also quite bored.

I have noticed several more things that annoy me since I last wrote about the program. The water/river in the desert workout area looks wrong. It is really distracting. The polygon protrusion problem with elbows and knees looks terrible. I have noticed some sound skipping problems at the various prompts that come up. It seems to jump around in the sound.

I’m still with it though. I like getting up early in the morning and exercising in the relatively quiet house. I missed a few workouts in March because of people staying in our basement, but I sleeping in an extra 30 minutes on those days is a nice change of pace too.

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