The lovely sight of canine vomit in the morning…

I thought it might be a bit of a difficult morning today because of the adjustment in time for Daylight Saving Time. It wasn’t terribly hard to get out of bed. The thing that made the morning slightly unpleasant was the dog. He vomited right in front of the bathroom door while Lisa was in the shower. I noticed it right after my breakfast, which in my mind was better than before breakfast. It wasn’t too bad to clean up, and I went on about my morning. Later, while letting the cats out, I found the other pile of it. Well, found isn’t quite the right word. Maybe I should say my shoe found the other pile of it, right in front of the door. I wasn’t terribly pleased. I cleaned that up too. After that, the morning seemed to move right along. I took Morgan to school and headed out to work. I hope the dog isn’t getting sick.

In other news, my tomatoes are finally growing. As usual, I started the seeds in late February. The first batch didn’t grow well at all. I tried a different approach this year, which I won’t do again. Normally, I put one seed in each peat pot. I put these peat pots in a plastic “green house” over a heating pad. This year, I tried using the square peat pots, and put the seeds in starter mix. This didn’t work very well, as I had a hard time watering the pots. The soil would tend to roil about in the pot, and I think the seeds had difficulty with that. After two weeks, I didn’t have any real sprouts. I started again, using my old method. So far, I have a pretty healthy crop of starters. Hopefully they will grow quickly so I can get them out in the garden in a couple of weeks. Lisa and I bought have a bunch of interesting sounding varieties that we hadn’t tried before, so I am hopeful we will get some good tomatoes. I don’t have the list of them in front of me right now, but maybe I can find it tonight.

I haven’t been posting recently. I just haven’t had time. Between crunch time at work, baseball, Easter, and everything else that has been going on, there just isn’t time in the day. I’m hoping to find time to do it regularly.

One thing I did want to mention is that I had the opportunity to see our new CEO, Mike Hurd, speak via video conference. I was impressed by his sense of humor, as well as his casual style to the presentation. It was a pretty stark contrast to Carly. I hope he will have a positive impact on this company. It certainly needs something.

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