Bush's budget sets priorities: weapons are more important that people

A news article at yahoo describes President Bush’s budget proposal, this way:

“…a $2.57 trillion budget plan Monday that would boost spending on the military and homeland security but seeks spending cuts across a wide swath of other government programs. Bush’s budget would reduce subsidies paid to farmers, cut health programs for poor people and veterans and trim spending on the environment and education.”

This is followed by a quote from Bush: “It is a budget that sets priorities.” That quote was taken out of context. The full quote can be found on the Whitehouse web site.

The interpretation I walk away with is that the President doesn’t consider veterans, the poor, education, or the environment priorities at all. He says as much:

Our priorities are winning the war on terror, protecting our homeland, growing our economy.

So, if you voted for Bush under the delusion that he is “A good steward of the land”, or even has the best interest of the American people at heart, think again.

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