WordPress Initial Impressions

I have been mucking around a bit more with WordPress. I am evaluating it because Moveable Type’s pricing makes it prohibitive for me to upgrade. I have been getting regular spam type messages here, and Moveable Type’s default interface for comment elimination isn’t great.

All in all, I have found WordPress pretty easy to use. It was really painless to import all the MT entries.

I am becoming more familiar with CSS, which seems to help too. I had a couple of difficulties regarding the install.

  1. The install.php file came up blank initially. I solved this via some hints in the WP forums.
  2. All comments were initially being moderated. I solved this by removing a blank line in the words to filter. I guess everything matches a blank line. 🙂

I haven’t figured out an easy way to map the RSS feeds to the same URLs they were before, so I’m not going to bother. I’m hoping self discovery solves the problems. Now I just need to learn a bit of php, and I should be good to go! 🙂

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